My header sums it up:  kids, pets, a house, and thankfully a sense of humor.

I am a “middle aged” (middle aged –  assuming that I live to be 114!)  mother of two wonderful daughters.   I love my children and can honestly say that they are my reason for everything.

We live in the home in which I grew up – a house well over a hundred years old, in New York state.  Our home shows its age as much as I do – in the creaks, cracks, and idiosyncrasies that only an old house can have.   Although some people yearn for newness, I adore a house with character, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Living in this house is proof that you CAN go home again.  It has also given us many life lessons in home repair.  Consequently we can paint, paper, plaster, and repair wallboard with the best of them!

As I’m writing this, I am surrounded by dogs and cats.  We are definitely animal lovers and I can’t picture my life without at least a couple of each species in it.  My pets are family and I love them, worry about them, and fuss over them constantly.  For every ounce of love that I give them, I get one hundred times as much back..

There have been a few unexpected rocky parts to my life path, but I learned a long time ago to hang onto my sense of humor.  I told my daughters that a sense of humor in life will serve them better than most things, and so far they have found this to be true.  I don’t make a point to laugh every day because true laughter can’t be planned.  And let’s face it, some days are just not funny.   But by and large,  the laugh filled days have outnumbered the tear filled ones.

It’s a good life through Mom eyes.   I’ll enjoy sharing it with you.

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  2. Love your blog entries!
    The pet pictures are priceless!


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