Lazy Day

I didn’t get to exercise today.   As previously stated, I fear gym memberships for the twisted knees and strained tendons they bring down on me.   But I have been known to pop in the ole Sweatin’ to the Oldies DVD from time to time and bop around the living room….. (this is not a pretty sight and I make sure to pull down the blinds before this takes place….)

But today was not to be the day for that. I took the day off from work and it was a lazy day for me.   I woke up this morning and went out with the dogs before breakfast.  I picked up the yard after them, and moved the lawn furniture onto the deck.  I cleaned off the picnic table, and opened the umbrella.  On my way to open the gate, I noticed some dead roses, so I got out the pruners and a bag, and pruned all the roses .  I removed some dead branches on two trees and three bushes too.  Then I planted that Butterfly Bush that I had still in the pot.

Since it was still too early to rev up the mower to cut the crabgrass, I decided to put some laundry on.  On my way up to get the laundry I stopped to clean the rabbit cage and feed her.  Carrying the laundry back down to the basement, I noticed the light bulb was out on the staircase, so I went out back to get a replacement for it.  In the cabinet with the light bulbs I saw the clear bags and remembered I wanted to change the bag in the recycling bin in the kitchen.  When I carried the full bag out to the bin, I realized I needed to bring in the recycling can from the street.

On my way back up the driveway dragging the can I noticed the boxes of cat litter and the big sack of dog food in the back of my car and carried them into the house.  After carrying in the cat litter, I decided to clean the litter boxes on the second floor.    I went back to the first floor to get garbage bags for the old litter, and heard the washing machine stop in the basement so I went down to move the first load to the dryer and put in the second load.

Coming back up from the basement, I realized it was getting hot out and decided to cut the crabgrass before it got hotter.  I mowed the front and back lawns, bagged the clippings and dragged the bags to the curb.  When I finished I went back in for something cold to drink and noticed the water dish was empty.  I filled it and then fed the dogs and the cats their first meal of the day.

While they ate, I folded and put away the first load of laundry, moved the second to the dryer and started the third load in the washer.  Then it was time to go out with the dogs again.  After that I remembered the litter boxes and went back up to clean them and carry out the bags of old cat litter.

I wrote out a basic shopping list and made a trip to the local grocery store.   My few items became a cart full of groceries – paper towel bundle packs and Poland Springs gallon bottles were on sale.  Hurried home to put away the cold stuff first, then carried the rest into the house and found a place for everything.  Third load of laundry moved to the dryer and second put away.

Out in the garden again, I played a rousing game of fetch with two Golden boys.   Then it was dinner time for the boys.   Third load of laundry out of the dryer and put away.

Somewhere in there I had a yogurt for lunch, and my usual endive, cucumber, cottage cheese, cherry tomato “salad” for dinner.

I never did get to exercise today.  I just spent a nice leisurely day at home.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll work up the energy for it…..

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