To Wrinkle or Not to Wrinkle……

In this time of youth, health, and Botox, let me make a startling confession.   I have wrinkles.  There, I’ve said it.  They say the first step is admitting it, so I’ll say it again.  I have wrinkles.  Phew.  I’m glad that’s out in the open.

As a child, when you picture the wrinkles that come with time and age, you envision something along the lines of the Crypt Keeper.  The entire face (and probably body too) covered in crags and crevices.  Well the reality is a little different, thank goodness.

Wrinkles are not just generic markings.  There are degrees and categories of wrinkles.   I began early on with that ever so slight furrowing of the brow – only a few degrees at most.  I wasn’t concerned – barely noticeable!   I would just make an effort not to frown or squint in the sun, and I was good to go!

Then life took over and the degrees mounted.  I married, gave birth, raised children, took care of aging parents.  I wiped away tears at first steps and first words.  I glowed with pride at school plays, talent shows, dance recitals.  I grimaced and grinned through basketball games (my daughter’s grammar school team had a perfect record – they lost every game!)   I ground my teeth in anger and frustration during painful times, and smiled till my face hurt at the joys of my life.  I cried when I held my dogs in my arms as they breathed their last.  I sobbed when I lost first my Mom and then ten years later, my Dad.

All these things left their marks on my face…and my blood pressure.  My forehead is criss-crossed with the times my daughters had Scarlet Fever and Pneumonia.   Around my mouth are the etchings from pursing my lips rather tightly when the principal of the elementary school asked me in semi-annoyance why my daughter was always smiling (this is a problem??)   I have a matched set of luggage under my eyes from the sleepless nights of having teenagers and young adults out on the town.  Best of all, are the laugh lines that crease my eyes – from the little jokes, the new puppies, the silly laughter, the tiny kittens, the overwhelming love, and a million and one laughs over the course of my life.

I have been asked if I would ever consider plastic surgery.  The answer is a most emphatic NO.  These wrinkles are a badge of honor of a life well lead and well loved!  To remove them would be to negate the hard times and the happy times – the effort I put into living every day.  I earned every one of them and I wear them with pride.  I look forward to many more years of wrinkling ahead of me through happy times as well as sad.  That is Life.  My Life.

I have decided that as long as the laugh lines exceed the rest, I have nothing to complain about.

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